Alcohol Education Research Council

Welcome to the online website of Alcohol Education Research Council. The platform is dedicated to sharing information under government supervision. We are inclined to provide welcoming support to the community to share better health ideas.

What we do

We provide grants to people working at the cutting-edge of alcohol-harm prevention. They might be undertaking research, testing out new ideas or running projects that help to disseminate high quality evidence. The key thing is that they are all helping to improve our understanding of alcohol-related harm.

policymakers & practitioners

Our sub-communities follow different instructions and practices to create smarter and proved solutions for alcohol abuse.

scientists & campaigners

Our organization is linked with major medical organizations in the country and Europe to provide the right instructions.

growing library of evidence

Our researches and reports have revealed the nature, health, and habits of people and have determined the benefits and drawbacks alike.

Statement of Purpose

The Alcohol Education and Research Council was established in 1982 under the Licensing (Alcohol Education and Research) Act 1981 to administer the Alcohol Education and Research Fund, a charitable foundation established with assets from the former licensing compensation authorities.

AERC to Become an
Independent Charity

In July, we reported that the Department of Health had published a Review of its Arms Length Bodies (ALBs). Because it was established through an Act of Parliament that conferred to Government some limited powers over its governance (e.g. the appointment of trustees), the AERC has always been classed as an ALB.


I feel better and comfortable being a part of this community that does not carry any drama and provides open and realistic answers.

Margaret P Warren

I want to thank each and every member of the community who has helped me in my journey. I hope I get to meet my friends again under different circumstances.

George K Wortham

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Origins of the aerc

The Council owes its origin to the Licensing (Alcohol Education and Research) Act 1981. This Act was introduced by the Government to wind up the Licensing Compensation Scheme, which had been established early in the 20th century as a mechanism for reducing the number of pubs in the hope that this would reduce drunkenness and drunken offences.